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Opened January 2019, Golden Goose has already firmly established its place as one of Melbourne's leading custom studios.

 We are renowned for clean, detailed work, and our commitment to excellent customer service. Each piece is expertly designed and performed to a perfectionist's standard, and guaranteed with a free touch-up policy. Our goal is to excel not only in our craft, but in the memory of the experience attached to each client's tattoo.

  Compelled to set a new standard for progressive studios, Golden Goose became the first Tattoo studio in Australia to provide a 100% Carbon Neutral & Vegan service. Golden Goose has also been involved in successful fundraising campaigns, and is committed to giving back to the community. 



 Created in the vision of a studio that is exclusive & private, yet welcoming and

non-threatening; our space provides our clientele the setting they need to attend their appointment in total comfort and calm, enabling us to focus on the most important part, the finished piece.


 The studio boasts three over-sized private rooms, each with its own fully functional separate fit out, refined styling, world-class artworks, and a sofa or day-bed for visitors. We find that most people feel getting a tattoo is quite a personal experience, and Golden Goose accommodates fewer clients, more comfortably.

 We are committed to health and safety, and maintain a high standard of cleanliness throughout all areas. As with most modern professional tattooers, we are trained and experienced in following strict OH&S guidelines. Masks, hand wash stations, & hand sanitiser are available for use by clients in wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

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